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Distribution Operator ECC (37572 NYSEG) Binghamton ECC, NY

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Posted on: 19-Jan-2023

Location: Vestal, NY, US

Company: IBERDROLA, S.A.

Job Info

POSITION – Union: Distribution Operator ECC (NYSEG-NY-Binghamton ECC)(37572)




1. Coordinates/ creates switching for the outage of distribution lines and equipment for testing, Under directivesupervision coordinates/operates the electric distribution facilities and dispatches electric and gas outage andtrouble notifications.Typical maintenance and repairs to assure continuity of service in cooperation with Section Operatorsand Division operating personnel.

2. Issues switching orders for de-energizing, grounding, tagging and re-energizing distribution facilities.

3. Assures rigid observance of Electric Switching and Tagging Procedures and standard procedures forgas operations.

4. Performs required analyses of distribution circuits to ensure proper distribution circuit operation in realtime andfor contingency conditions.

5. Makes initial analysis of electric outage/trouble and initiates actions to minimize interruptions.

6. Oversees overall distribution switching operations in a lead role when assigned.

7. Operates and monitors supervisory controlled electric distribution devices.

8. Logs data and keeps records up to date.

9. Updates system diagrams and programs to conform with current field conditions.

10. Receives electric/gas trouble and outage calls and dispatches crews via the Outage Management System.

11. Recognizes unusual conditions and situations and informs responsible Corporate or Divisionoperating personnel.

12. Performs other related or less skilled work as required.

Skills and Requirements

1. BA in Electrical Engineering / AAS in Electrical Engineering Technology or a passing score on a test designedby the Company or a provider approved by the Company.

2. Successful completion of Company administered aptitude test.

3. Will be expected to absorb Company training in Distribution Operating work, measured by appropriate jobknowledge tests. This includes general knowledge of the operation of generating stations, transmission anddistribution lines, substations, gas distribution systems, geography of Company territory, Company Safety Rules,Switching and Tagging Procedures , protection systems, and standard procedures for gas operations.


Physical Qualifications

1. Normal health, physique and use of senses as indicated by passing the required physical examination given bya Company physician, including color perception.

2. Must pass pre-employment drug test and be enrolled in the random drug testing program.

Personal Qualifications

1. Must possess analytical ability and emotional stability.

2. Must be neat and orderly in work and preparation of records.

3. Must be willing to work extra and/or irregularhours and/or a shift schedule, and respond to emergencies.

4. Must be able to receive and transmit orders and instructions in such a manner as to inspire respectand confidence.


  • Be a role model
  • Be agile
  • Collaborate and Share
  • Develop Self and Others
  • Empower to grow
  • Focus to achieve results
  • Technical Skills

Mobility Information

Please note that any applicant who is not a citizen of the country of the vacancy will be subject to compliance with the applicable immigration requirements to legally work in that country.  If/when required, the Company will support the employee with the necessary Immigration requirements.