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Drafting Specialist (35860 SCG) Orange, CT

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Posted on: 10-Jan-2023

Location: Orange, CT, US

Company: IBERDROLA, S.A.

Job Info

POSITION: Drafting Specialist (SCG-Marsh Hill)(35860)



DEPARTMENT:  Gas Engineering
HOURS:  7:00 am – 3:00 pm


  1. Primary duties include updating and maintaining a GIS system including but not limited to as-built gas facility data, planimetric data and map corrections. 
  2. Perform CAD work for new business main designs.
  3. Uses computers for reports and record updates.  Does other Engineering Office support work, (e.g scanning as-builts, printing facility maps for contractors or other departments, customer lists, and filing hard copy maps). as directed by supervision.
  4. Operates reproduction equipment and provides copies of facility data as requested.
  5. Operates imaging equipment and maintains image records.
  6. Reviews field reports for completeness and maintains as-built facility project record tracking systems and facility attribute records.
  7. Provides field data capture to support as-built facility records and planimetric map data, as directed by supervision.
  8. Creates and maintains special purpose distribution system maps, facility details and other drawings or maps, as directed by supervision.
  9. Answers telephone.  Contacts offices of State, City, Town, utilities, and contractors, as directed by supervision.

Skills and Requirements

  1. Qualified candidates should possess and be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the Company's current GIS software. Candidates must have a GIS certificate or professional experience with GIS. Experience with computer aided drafting application(s) is highly desirable.
  2. Must have experience with and be able to use computers and related printers/ plotters.
  3. Must have or demonstrate the ability to understand and learn company construction standards, applicable codes and regulations; Engineering Department drafting standards, practices and procedures.
  4. Must have or demonstrate the ability to understand and learn company used imaging application(s).
  5. Must possess knowledge of or demonstrate the ability to understand and learn natural gas distribution industry technology.
  6. Must be able to interpret and transcribe field notes to and from both paper and electronic records.
  7. Must have basic training in civil and mechanical drawing and mathematics. 
  8. Must have a MVD license and a good driving record.


  • Be a role model
  • Be agile
  • Collaborate and Share
  • Develop Self and Others
  • Empower to grow
  • Focus to achieve results
  • Technical Skills

Mobility Information

Please note that any applicant who is not a citizen of the country of the vacancy will be subject to compliance with the applicable immigration requirements to legally work in that country.  If/when required, the Company will support the employee with the necessary Immigration requirements.